Our Beer List

Our Beer List

Bank Top Brewery ‘Gold Digger’ (Golden ale)



Bank Top Brewery ‘Flat Cap’ (English Bitter)



Abbydale Brewery ‘Myar Skikt’ (English Bitter)

The Miracle Tramcar Cleaner from Hungary
Pale beer with lots of hops giving fruit flavours with hints of citrus and a balanced fairly bitter finish.


Abbydale Brewery ‘Not Just Jam’ (pale ale)

Lemon and Earl Grey Pale Ale
Lots of fresh lemons and Earl Grey tea have gone into the brew (and this may cause the beer to be slightly hazy).


Salamander brewery ‘Quiet Reflection’ (English Pale Ale)

Light in colour with a bitter edge. A refreshing crisp ale


Salamander brewery ‘Face The Music’ (bitter)

Copper coloured with a malty after taste


Naylors Brewery ‘Liquorice Libation’ (porter)

A new craft ale recipe using a delicate amount of blackcurrants and Liquorish root to provide a smooth refreshing dark ale. Warming flavours at first leading into a liquorice aftertaste, while the subtle flavour of black currants sweetens the taste. Superb!


Pheonix ‘Spotland Gold’ (English Pale Ale)

Pale,Crisp hoppy pale ale


Pheonix ‘Struggling Monkey’ (English Pale Ale)

Pale Coloured, well balanced beer using English & Polish hops.


Binghams Brewery ‘Willamette’ (English Pale Ale)

Triple hopped with American hop Willamette for a spicy hop character with hints of blackcurrant


Elland ‘South Sea Pale’ (English India Pale Ale (IPA))

A pale ale brewed with a combination of New Zealand hops producing hints of orange,marmalade and black pepper flavors and a citrus/tropical aroma.


Elland ‘Ichor’ (English Bitter)

Clean, crisp golden ale brewed using a blend of American hops.

Ichor is the Greek name for an ethereal fluid flowing in the veins of the gods. Our beer is a clean, crisp golden ale brewed using a blend of American hops. Heavenly!


Red Squirrel ‘ Hopfest’ (English Pale Ale)

Light pale ale with an apricot and melon aroma. It lives up to its name, as a hop party in your mouth. This beer is full flavoured, yet is perfect as a session beer.

New world hop based pale ale with a bouquet of tropical fruit salad and underlined hints of lime. The flavour starts with a pronounced pineapple fruitiness and is followed by a lemon sherbert-esque testiness



Red Squirrel – ‘Mister Squirrel’ (English Bitter)

A traditional Premium English Bitter with pleasantly presented copper hue with a flavour spectrum of plum, toffee and mixed dried fruit.

Acorn ‘Fusion IPA’ (English India Pale Ale (IPA))

13th in our next Series of European Hopped IPA’s.
Rich golden English hopped beer with Spicy notes and Citrus characteristics.


Half Moon Celestial Jester

All beers from Half Moon Brewery are crafted in the traditional way, using the finest quality malts from Thomas Fawcett & Son Ltd of Castleford and a variety of U.K. and overseas hops sourced from Charles Faram and Co Ltd of Malvern.   Jo Menneer looks after the beer sampling and produces our tasting notes.


Reedley Hallows Griffin IPA (English India Pale Ale (IPA))

India Pale Ale gets its name and unique style from British brewers who were making beer for export to India.

This style has an intense hop flavor which was used to preserve the beer for the long voyage. India Pale Ale has a golden to copper color with a medium maltiness and body. The aroma is moderate to very strong.

IPAs work especially well at cutting the heat of chili, vindaloo or Sichuan cuisine.


Cherry Perry (Cider)

A delicious blend of ripe pears with a hint of dark Morello cherries. Medium sweet with a very easy drinking style, light pink in appearance


Devon Farm Cyder (Cider)

Cloudy Dry Scrumpy


Sheppys Old Conky Cider (Cider)

2016 is a great milestone for Sheppy’s Cider – 200 years of cider-making – and we have marked the occasion with Old Conky Cider.  It celebrates our location, just outside Wellington, with the great Iron Duke’s famous victory at the battle of Waterloo just over 200 years ago.

The great man was sometimes affectionately known as “Old Conky” because of his conspicuous nose.

Old Conky Cider is created from a blend of traditional cider varieties in a medium-sweet taste and with a little celebratory sparkle


Farmer’s Pride (Cider)

A fruity medium dry cider bursting with the flavour of apples. A true Farmhouse Cider with a smooth finish. Contains sulphites.


Rosie’s Pig Flat Tyre Still Cloudy Cider with Rhubarb (Cider)

Medium-sweet, cloudy, and slowly matured still cider made from freshly pressed apples, paired with a refreshing infusion of rhubarb juice. The well balanced, fruity taste and tart finish provides a deliciously moreish cider. Best served chilled. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.


Smirnoff Gold (Vodka)

A striking version of Smirnoff, with sparkling gold flakes.

Smirnoff Gold is the epitome of luxury, with a great, subtle cinnamon spice taste.


Ciroc blue dot (Vodka)

Produced from French grapes harvested when frozen, then cold-fermented into wine, distilled five (yes five!) times and packaged in a fantastically heavy bottle, Ciroc is one of a new breed of ultra-premium vodkas manufactured in France.


Royal Dragon Elite (Vodka)

Royal Dragon Vodka is a small batch luxury vodka created in Russia.
It is created from the finest winter harvest rye that is organically grown.
Distillation takes place in a century old copper pot still that the master distiller guides the filtration process, through a vast charcoal chamber filtration occurs 5 times to achieve elemental softness and purity.


Chase English Potato Vodka (Vodka)

Chase English Potato Vodka has been awarded 1st place (double gold medal), in the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits competition from an entry field of 115!

A wholesome buttery scent on the nose, with a full bodied and creamy texture.

Chase Vodka is complex on the palate, with notes of mashed potato and butter, leading onto a slightly smoked almond finish, with a hint of black pepper.


Hendricks Gin (Gin)

Distilled and bottled in Scotland, Hendrick’s is a super premium gin with a subtly different botanicals recipe that includes a unique infusion of rose petals and cucumber alongside more traditional botanical ingredients. Hendrick’s specializes in being different with a distinctive toffee-brown bottle that is reminiscent of an old fashioned apothecary’s bottle, a clever reference to gin’s medicinal origins.


Williams Chase Gin (Gin)

A lighter but more powerfully flavoured gin from the folks at Williams Chase – an extra dry designed with the G&T-loving Spanish in mind, this is a juniper-led gin that makes great long drinks.


Tanqueray No 10 (Gin)

A super-premium small-batch Tanqueray gin named after the No.10 still in which it is made.
A superbly controlled explosion of botanical flavours, with much more citrus character than its Export Strength cousin.


Bulldog Gin (Gin)

A delicious English gin made with poppy, dragon eye, lotus leaves, citrus, almond, lavender and various other botanicals (12 in total).
This is four times distilled in copper pot stills, and Bulldog had the highest rating ever received by a gin from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.
It was also voted a Top 50 spirit!


Thistly Cross 6.2 Original (Cider)

Our 6.2% Farmhouse Cider is smooth, refreshing and Thistly Cross’ first born. It’s a classic, farmhouse cider made with a blend of Scottish apples.

The 6 month maturation makes it refreshing, smooth & fruity.