Hortus Plum And Cinnamon Gin(Gin)

Hortus Plum And Cinnamon Gin

The latest addition to the family has been no exception to the previous success stories; in fact, just when I thought they’d outdone themselves with the Hortus Pomegranate and Rose Gin Liqueur, they went all out for the festive season and released a Hortus Plum and Cinnamon Gin Liqueur. That’s some crafty work and I LOVE IT. Who doesn’t love spiced fruit during the winter weather?

Just like the previous offerings, the Plum and Cinnamon Liqueur is a very drinkable affair. The overriding flavour is of fruity sweetness, but the cinnamon does feature in the back half of the experience – the spicing is surprisingly gentle for the normally-explosive flavours that you expect from the Hortus range, but it is there.